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Gestation LengthBirth Wt kg200 Day Wt kg400 Day Wt kg600 Day Wt kgMat Cow Wt kgMilk kgScrotal Size cmCarcase Wt kgEye Muscle Area sq cmRump Fat mmRetail Beef Yield %Marble ScoreMarble Fineness %Wagyu Breeder IndexSelf Replacing IndexFullblood Terminal IndexF1 Terminal Index
-0.2000 62%-0.1 68%+2.00 70%+6.0 69%+1.0 69%-2.0 63%-3.00 64%-0.80 61%-1.00 67%+3.3 62%-01.70 63%+0.3 58%+2.10 64%+0.260 60%+$ 155+$176+$ 164+ $ 166

STUD MR NAMI SUZUTANI 325H an incredibly well bred son of Itoshigenami out of a " Brick" solid Suzutani Female.
Sporting a sire stack of TF148 Itoshigenami X Shigeshigetani X Itozuru doi TF151 back to his maternal family (Suzutani), the Matriarch of the Wagyu Breed there can be little doubt about the quality of carcsses and progeny he will make.
His genomic profile from Breedplan shows exactly that!
With a Marble score in the top 3% of the breed and a Marble Fineness in the top 10%, he will change the way USA breeders utilize FB Wagyu semen to change their herds to Prime + scores.