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LRX-TX BOND SHIGE T144K (ET) (LRXF22T144K / FB101559)f you don’t have $40,000 for Mayura Notorious semen, consider LRX-TX BOND SHIGE T144K (ET). Marbling plus EMA plus Marble Fineness. Here we have super-stack mating of Arubial Bond (a double Itoshigenami Jnr) x WKS Shigeshigetani 1593 x WKS Sanjirou with Size, Eye muscle, and Marble.  LRX-TX BOND SHIGE T144K is an elite son of Arubial Bond and is in an elite group of world class wagyu bulls. He reflects a top 1% Eye Muscle Area (+14.2) and Marble Score (+2.9) and one of only 9 bulls in the world with Carcass Weight greater than +9, Eye Muscle of +14.2, Marble Score of +2.9, and Marble Fineness of +0.43. This elite class includes Arubial Bond, Mayura Notorious and Florida Bond (see graphic). Of these, semen is only available on Arubial Bond, Notorious, and LRX-TX BOND SHIGE T144K.  LRX-TX BOND SHIGE T144K is sired by Arubial Bond Q007; an outstanding son of Mayura ltoshigenami JNR 0139 – whose genomically enhanced EBVs, with 1150 progeny analyzed, are equal to and in some cases exceed his sire: MS EBV +3.3 and EMA EBV +14.2 – both trait leading in the breed (plus a BW EBV - 4.1).  The dam of T144K is an outstanding female from the Lone Mountain program that is a stack of WKS Shigeshigetani 1593 over a WKS Sanjirou female