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All the Sires that are on offer here, will appear both on a matrix that offers you an easily observed EBV value and accuracy data base as well as a link to their individual page. You can search and realign the sires in order of category or index trait by selecting the category title.

Each sire has a declaration as to which country his semen is available and located in. Many of the Sires are stored in multiple countries and as such are rapidly available to ship in many places throughout the World.

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073H, also known as “Mr Universe”, is the record setting L10-sired bull from the 2022 M6 sale and sold for a record $190,000 for 50% interest. Mr Universe 073H” is a generational breeding tool with growth and marbling that will transform efficiency in the Wagyu industry in North America. He is free of all genetic conditions. He is elite on BREEDPLAN in both size, growth, marbling and carcass qualities. A search of August (run2) BREEDPLAN reflects 073H is one of only four male wagyu with a top 1% WBI of at least $329, Eye Muscle Area of +2.7, and Marble Score of at least +2.3. Phenotypically on the hoof, he has tremendous performance, length of body, and extra body depth with a bold spring of rib. In the recent August 2023 (run 2) BREEDPLAN, he leads with top 1% in all three Selection Indexes including WBI (+$329), SRI (+$303), FTI (+$267), and top 4% F1TI (+$221). On individual traits, he gives you the double shot of growth and marbling with top 1% on 200/400/600Day Weights, Mature Weights and Carcass weights. 073H is a son of Mayura L0010, who has risen to the top in the wagyu world. 073H & L10’s pedigree combines the genetics of the King of Australian Sires (JNR) with TF151 Itozurudoi, Kanadagene 100, and the Aizakura maternal line. These legends of the Wagyu breed are stacked on an established, leading maternal line that has produced proven sires Macquarie Wagyu C1176, TF Itohana 2, Blackmore Aizatzurudoi Y398, and Blackmore Dai Ichi Kikuzakura H017!“ Straws available for USA, Canada and Australia.