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All the Sires that are on offer here, will appear both on a matrix that offers you an easily observed EBV value and accuracy data base as well as a link to their individual page. You can search and realign the sires in order of category or index trait by selecting the category title.

Each sire has a declaration as to which country his semen is available and located in. Many of the Sires are stored in multiple countries and as such are rapidly available to ship in many places throughout the World.

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TYDDEWI N4431 (MAXFQ26)This is a son of the breed leading sire Mayura Itoshigenami JNR. Itoshigenami JNR semen is currently not available on the market and recently 6 straws sold in the 2020 Mayura Sale to high of $68,000 per straw! Mayura Itoshigenami JNR carries elite high reliability EBVs because of his superior carcass data. In Mayura Station herd he has averaged a 9.05 MS, 448 kg (986 lbs. ) HCW, and 109.0 cm2 (16.9 in 2) EMA on an astounding 805 carcass harvested at just 26 months. This makes Tyddewi N4431 a unique combination of elite Mayura Station and Westholme bloodlines.

Available in USA (shipping directly fromTexas) and Austrailia. These figures spell PROFIT for any breeder, backgrounder, feedlotter, or retailer! Here is an opportunity to add extreme value to any breeding program or branded beef operation.