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Gestation LengthBirth Wt kg200 Day Wt kg400 Day Wt kg600 Day Wt kgMat Cow Wt kgMilk kgScrotal Size cmCarcase Wt kgEye Muscle Area sq cmRump Fat mmRetail Beef Yield %Marble ScoreMarble Fineness %Wagyu Breeder IndexSelf Replacing IndexFullblood Terminal IndexF1 Terminal Index
-2.900 87%+1.8 87%+28 78%+48 76%+66 75%+56. 66%+0 62%+1.80 57%+67.0 71%+0.30 65%-1.1 65%+0.1 52%+1.80 66%+0.320 56%+287+270+248+212


Miku Wagyu

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MIKU MAMMUT Q26 (MAXFQ26) is a recessive condition free son of CCOFG0113.  He is top 1% growth sire with top 3% marbling, while also offering all the traits required to develop the female side of the herd.

MAMMUT's sire is a superior animal with remarkable breeding values.  His Carcass Wt is +56kg (with 94% accuracy), Eye Muscle Area of +3.1 (with 80% accuracy), Marble Score of 2.4 (with 91% accuracy) and Marble Fineness of 0.46. 

His dam is Trent Bridge's N190 (TBRFN190) who, is out of one of the leading carcass sires, Macquarie's Y408 (BDWFY0408).  Y408 has been proven by Macquarie and offers reliable breeding values with Milk of +4 (90% accuracy), Eye Muscle Area of +2.0sq cm (88% accuracy) and a Marble Score EBV of +2.1 (90% accuracy).  Y408 has earned a reputation as one of the very best carcass sires in the industry. He is a son of Kitateruyasudoi J2810 (IMJFAJ2810, aka ET003 or FB686) recognized worldwide as an elite marbling sire with over 4000 registered progeny.  N190 offers impressive breeding values with Milk at +2, a Carcase Wt of +31kg, a Marble Score of +1.9 and Marble Fineness of +0.30. 

MAMMUT offers a Milk EBV of +2 and a Carcase Wt of +56kg while maintaining a Marble Score EBV of +1.8.   All his indexes are comfortably within the Top 1% with a WBI of +307, SRI of +$299, FTI of +$268 and F1TI of +$233. 

MIKU MAMMUT Q26 is utilized in the EU, UK, the USA, Canada, Brazil and Australia for full-blood breeding with a keen interest to use his female sexed semen.  We have domestic (to Australia) and export qualified semen available on site with partners in the USA, Canada, EU and UK.

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