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LRX TAZ 5U 0320F -30F


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LRX TAZ 5U 0320F 30F ET is a DNA verified homozygous polled purebred Wagyu bull with genetics from the Bar R Cattle Company. He is the 2nd highest rated homozygous polled wagyu bull in USA and Canada. He is the genetic twin to the recently deceased BAR RARIMURA, another highly desired homozygous bull. He is free of all test genetic defects. LRX 30F has an exceptional pedigree with his sire,Bar R 52Y,producing exceptional progeny results in Australia. 52Y sired bulls that have sold for $80,000 as well as a female who just recently sold for over $40,000. On the Breed-Seek DNA test, his score confirmed his pure Wagyu genetics. Polled wagyu will have a significant impact on the future of the Wagyu breed as featured in the upcoming 2021 Mayura Station Production Sale with four polled bull lots, (one being homozygous polled) and three bull semen lots in the upcoming 2021 Elite Wagyu Sale.The sire of LRX 30F, Bar R 52Y, is an extremely balanced bull who brings a multitude of high quality traits into the next generation. With over 1800 carcass progeny across a range of growth and marbling females, the Robbins Island Wagyu program really understand what he brings to the table. He is consistently producing high profitability carcasses, with high HSCW, very large REA, and solid marbling. He is averaging approximately 8.3 BMS(see graph), HSCW 460kg, and 100cm2 REA on steers. The added benefit of the poll gene, phenomenal temperament, and maternal traits, makes him a balanced bull across the board. His dam, Bar R 5U was the high selling cow in the 2016 Bar R Wagyu production sale and has 29 progeny in the American Wagyu Association registry.