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Wyndford Itoguni 308H – Conventional


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Gestation LengthBirth Wt kg200 Day Wt kg400 Day Wt kg600 Day Wt kgMat Cow Wt kgMilk kgScrotal Size cmCarcase Wt kgEye Muscle Area sq cmRump Fat mmRetail Beef Yield %Marble ScoreMarble Fineness %Wagyu Breeder IndexSelf Replacing IndexFullblood Terminal IndexF1 Terminal Index
-1.3 85%-1.5 92%+3 86%+4 80%+4 79%-10 68%+0 59%-0.80 61%+10.0 72%+7.10 65%+2.3 62%-.03 62%+3.50 62%+0.470 57%+$248+$296+$ 292+ $ 294

WYNFR308H WYNDFORD ITOGUNI 308H (AI) The current Marble King – Wyndford Itoguni 308H (WYNFR308H). Itoguni 308H is now the #1 Marbling wagyu sire in the world according to the most recent November 2B 2023 BREEDPLAN with a whopping +3.5 Marble Score and +.47 Marble Fineness. He is the perfect blend of USA and Australian genetics. On selection indexes, he leads the world with #4 ranking sire in the world on F1 Terminal Index (+$294) and the #12 sire in the world on Fullblood Terminal Index (+$292). He is also top 3% on Self Replacing Index (+$296). Wyndford Itoguni 308H will be a key breeding tool to inject high marbling genetic into your herd. He currently has 64 progeny and 62 progeny analyzed within the Wyndford and world leading Irongate herds. 72% of his progeny have top 10% Marble Scores and is being used in leading herds including award winning Irongate and Wyndford! This sire gives you all the marbling of Bond, yet larger size. Hawkeye Breeders