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Wyndford Itoguni 308H – Sexed for Female


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WYNFR308H WYNDFORD ITOGUNI 308H - Sexed Female(AI) The current Marble King – Wyndford Itoguni 308H (WYNFR308H). Itoguni 308H is now the #1 Marbling wagyu sire in the world according to the most recent June_2 2023 BREEDPLAN with a whopping +3.6 Marble Score and +.50 Marble Fineness. He is the perfect blend of USA and Australian genetics. On selection indexes, he leads the world with #3 ranking sire in the world on F1 Terminal Index (+$295) and the #6 sire in the world on Fullblood Terminal Index (+$291). He is also top 3% on Self Replacing Index (+$285). Wyndford Itoguni 308H will be a key breeding tool to inject high marbling genetic into your herd. He currently has 63 progeny and 58 progeny analyzed within the Wydford and world leading Irongate herds. 73% of his progeny have top 10% Marble Scores and is being used in leading herds including award winning Irongate and Wyndford! This sire gives you all the marbling of Bond, yet larger size. At the 2022 Passion for Prime sale in Salina Kansas, straws on this world leading bull went for $6,000 a straw. This world leading bull is a perfect blend of US and Australian Genetics. His dam is from a line of proven superior meat quality sires including Itoshigenami 148, World K’s Michifuku and Word K’s Kitaguni JR. His sire, Mayura L0010 is one of the leading sires in the world has added weight and strength. Itoguni 308H is also enlisted in the Australian Wagyu Association Progeny Test Program. The bull will now be your #1 breeding tool to inject marbling and marbling fineness into your wagyu herd. Do not miss this chance to acquire these elite genetics – we are super excited about this bull.