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GTFFS0011 GATEWAY G113 S0011


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Gestation LengthBirth Wt kg200 Day Wt kg400 Day Wt kg600 Day Wt kgMat Cow Wt kgMilk kgScrotal Size cmCarcase Wt kgEye Muscle Area sq cmRump Fat mmRetail Beef Yield %Marble ScoreMarble Fineness %Wagyu Breeder IndexSelf Replacing IndexFullblood Terminal IndexF1 Terminal Index

GTFFS0011 GATEWAY G113 S0011 is a weapon for your breeding program! The maternal brother of Gateway F154 Gatekeeper S0021, This standout son of G113 carries the family tradition of outstanding GEBV's.
Top 1% of 3 of the 4 indexes ( SRI+$314 - FTI+$283 - F1TI+270) WBI +$292 - Top 2% Top 1% of Breed for Marblescore +3.1 Top 1% of the Breed for Marblefiness +.51 Top 3% of the Breed for EMA +8.8 A superior CWT of +42 All this is accomplished with a defect free profile!!!